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Catch a Salmon, feel the experience

Fly Fishing Articles | June 28, 2011

Dad was after me for years to try fly fishing for salmon.  The famous Miramichi River is about one hour drive from home.  I found that far to drive for fishing, especially with the hectic schedule of work, family life and other hobbies that preoccupied my time.  But dad was relentless.  I agreed to give salmon fishing a try.

I already had a good quality fly reel and fly rod.  I bought a new fly line and set myself up with the appropriate leader line as well.  Dad let me use some of his flies.  He explained that salmon are very particular as to what they will hit.  Salmon are not feeding when going up the rivers to spawn, so it is a mystery why they hit the flies anyway.

The first weekend was fruitless for all the eight anglers on the river.  We fished all day Saturday and Sunday.  I was ok in the morning, but by lunch time on both days, I got sick and didn’t fish much in the afternoon.  On the second weekend, 3 grilse salmon were caught by some of the other anglers.

On the third weekend, my cousin brought his flat bottom boat and asked me if I would anchor with him in the river.  I agreed, since I had felt sick on the past two weekends.  I thought if I sat in the boat, I may still be able to fish if I got sick again.  I tried all the hot flies my cousin tied the week before on that weekend.  Nothing was working for us, but Dad landed two grills on Sunday morning.

I had bought a salmon fly when I went to Newfoundland.  I showed it to my cousin, who is an avid fly angler who ties his own flies.  He said he had never even seen this fly in a book or magazine.  I tied that fly to my leader and a nice grill hit it about one foot above the water.  I was hooked, what a thrill.  I landed this salmon without too much effort.  Dad and my cousin were very happy for me, my first salmon.

I had committed to fish a total of four weekends, so I picked up dad and headed out for our last adventure.  I got sick again on Saturday and didn’t fish much in the afternoon. Then on Sunday, it hit me like a rock.  Here I was on the river, watching my fly float downstream when I got that feeling again.  You may have guessed it, motion sickness.  Crazy as it seems, watching my fly float in the fast moving water makes me sick, motion sickness.

It may be a combination of sun reflection and the movement, but there is no doubt.  Gravol is now in my fly fishing vest.  I know I can’t be the only angler with this problem, I just wonder if there are other cures.

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