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Fly Fishing Season

Fly Fishing Articles | May 5, 2016

fly fishing pool


Fly Fishing Pool

With the 2016 fly fishing season finally opened, a lot of us rushed in to dust off our gear.  Heck, some of my friends couldn't even find their fly gear.

Our first few outings did not produce any fish, but we had fun, right?  The lack of ice and snow allowed our favorite pools to remain pristine.

Wading in this early in the season can be challenging, especially without insulated waders.  This can surely shorten out your fishing adventure, unless you're hooking lots of fish.  That can make a fellow endure more cold.

It's nice to get out again and meet up with my fly fishing buddies.  The liar's bench usually get's filled up by dusk and some of the early stories are believable, for now.

Hopefully you too have had the chance to get out and wet a fly this season.  If not, inspect your fly fishing gear and make the necessary upgrades and repairs.  It's really important that your waders are waterproof, and they should be if they were stored properly.

Here is a selection of waders available, in case you need to replace yours.

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