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More than just fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Articles | June 28, 2011

bald eagleThere is more to fishing than catching trout, salmon, bass or whatever you are fishing.  Fly fishing is the art of  landing an artificial fly, wet or dry fly, in a position on the water where fish may strike.

Rivers, ponds, brooks and streams are found out in the wilderness where a fly fishing angler may get a chance to observe other wildlife.  Over time, an angler can develop an eye for discovering good pools where fish hang out.  An angler may want to approach this area with caution.  Fish are not as stupid as they look.

There is a sense of peace when watching wild animals in their environment when you are undetected. Whitetail Deer You can actually see the animal’s keen defensive awareness of what is around them. I had such luck on numerous occasions on my fly fishing expeditions.

This adventure took me to a favorite river where a deep pool is the home of some of the sea trout I have caught.   It is a 20 minute walk from the parking area through an old abandoned logging road.  As I got close to the river’s edge through the woods, I slowed down and tried to be as quiet as possible.

There is a 90 degree turn to the right of the pool, a spring drips into the head of it and two giant white pine trees cast shadows over the river.  I looked to the right as the opening got closer and spotted a whitetail doe with two fawns climbing the bank.   They were not spooked but I know they knew of my presence as they moved away.

beaverI heard a splash on my left and noticed 4 beavers swimming up the river.  I just stood there in awe and then something else caught my eye.   Perched on top of the pine trees were 2 bald eagles watching me.  I found a spot in the sunlight on the bank where I could lay down and absorb what nature had just offered me.

No, I didn’t even tie a fly that day. I enjoyed a good nap, basking in the sun and sort of rebooted my brain. On my way out, I felt rewarded by what nature had served. This was one fulfilled trip indeed.

Life is an adventure, experience it!

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