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Shocking Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Articles | June 28, 2011

My youngest son asked his city slicker best friend to come along one weekend and we would supply him with a fishing bait rod. This was a brand new introduction to country living for Andre and his first time with a fishing rod.

We went to a favorite brook that my kids enjoyed where they always caught trout. After Andre got the hang of it, he ventured ahead to be the first to fish the deeper pool.

He was gone about five minutes when we heard him splashing back through the brook, eyes buggered out screaming, "they are throwing rocks at me". I asked him to take me to that spot at the end of the farmer's field. Andre asked me to go to the top of the bank and he would go to where the fence crossed the brook. He said they threw rocks at him when he tried to cross the fence.

So as I climbed the bank, Andre walked in the brook, over his sneakers up to his calf in water, with one hand holding the rod, he placed his second bare hand on the cow pasture electric fence and SCREAMED! "Dooo yohoo seheee whooo is throhouing thehe rhocks". As I turned around and ran out to get him out, he let go the wire and ran back upstream to meet my son for some sense of security.

I still get cramps in my stomach as I visualize the 24 volt electric current put his body in a convulsion. This city boy had no idea what caused his underpants to become wet.

Andre enjoyed many other fishing trips with us. I don't know if that experience scarred him, but he does not own any type of fishing equipment. My sons and I tried in vain to get Andre introduced to fly fishing. He said he lost interest in that type of outing. He does enjoy what city life can offer and he feels safe in his own surroundings.

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