Redington Topo Kit- Fly Fishing Gear

Redington Topo Kit

Fly Fishing Gear

Reddington topo kitThere is a lot of talk about fly fishing gear this time of the year.  If you are going to give or receive a gift, should it be something you really want, or want to give with pride?

The Redington Topo Kit is all you need to start fly fishing.  The kit includes the 9' 5wt 4-peice rod, large arbor reel with easy to change spool, the line with a tapered leader, some dry flies, a fly box, a spool of tippet and a nipper.

If you or someone you know want to build a passion around fly fishing, do it.  Reddington takes the guess out of choosing your starter fly fishing gear.

You can purchase the Redington Topo Fly Fishing Outfit right now.

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