Fly Fishing Gear Maintenance- Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing Gear Maintenance

The one thing that will keep you encouraged about next fly fishing season is to have all your gear properly stored and ready to go.  Basic maintenance of your fly fishing gear is necessary if you want it to last an work properly.

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It doesn't matter how valuable your fly fishing gear is in dollars, keeping it's value depends on how you handle this gear, how you clean it and how you store it.

These tools of your fly fishing trade need basic maintenance to keep them in good shape and ready for the next adventure.

Starting with the fly rod, apply Ferrule Wax and inspect it for damage.  Strip and clean the fly line with a line cleaning solution.  Before storing the line into the reel, clean the reel and apply reel lube where necessary.

Inspect all your tools, your vest, boots and accessories for damage.  This is a good time to repair or replace damaged items.  Watch for end of season sales.

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