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What is fly fishing

 What is Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is the art of luring fish to strike your artificial fly. The art is in the casting and delivery of your fly over the pool of water where fish are waiting for the ultimate meal.
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Fly Fishing Reels

Why use Fly Fishing Reels

A fly fishing reel is used to store fishing line and help the angler retrieve and land a hooked fish. Fly Fishing Reels invented out of necessity and since that time, some have evolved as specialty fly reels that anglers prefer.
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Fly Reel

What are Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reels are solutions that were created by frustrated anglers. They wanted to have more fly line available to cast out to the fishing pools.
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Fly Reel Drag

What is Fly Fishing Reels Drag

Fly fishing reel drag is a system that creates tension on the line when a fish tries to flee after an angler sets the hook. This regulates the speed that the fishing line will be stripped off the fly fishing reel by the sport fish.
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Fly Fishing Reel


How to choose a Fly Fishing Reel

Selecting a fly fishing reel can be confusing for the new angler. This does not need to be complicated. Observe these basic principles.
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Fly fishing for steelhead

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Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Fly fishing for steelhead is loads of fun. You have to decide whether you are keeping the fish or releasing it to choose the right gear.
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