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How to choose a Fly Fishing Reel

Flyfishing Reels

Selecting a Fly Fishing Reel

can be confusing for the new angler. This does not need to be complicated. There are many fly fishing reel brands on the market today.

Fly fishing reels are designed to do three simple tasks.

Number one, the fly line has to be wound up in a reel for better access from the angler when required.

Number two, depending on the size of fish the angler is trying to catch, a drag system may be needed to help control the retrieve without breaking the leader or tippet.

Number three, the fly line needs to be retrieved when a fish is hooked or when the angler wants to call it a day.

There are lots of affordable fly fishing reels that will allow a line retrieve without getting tangle up in the spool. A durable precision reel will add the quality of the fishing experience. Asking the advice of seasoned anglers will help you avoid some of the mistakes a novice may get snagged in when buying a fly fishing reel.

Fly Reel Drag will be a consideration, especially if an angler intends to catch bigger fish. There are two basic types of fly fishing reel drag, the spring a pawl, mostly used when fishing smaller game, and the disc drag system that has more control and tested performance for the monsters of the rivers.

The size of the fly fishing reel is one more thing to consider. It is important to match the weight of the rod with the fly fishing reel, and the line. Manufacturers indicate this information on the fly rod. The size of the arbor plays another role in fly line storage. The larger fly fishing reel arbor may reduce line memory and will increase the rate of retrieve.

Look for a fly fishing reel that offers easy to switch out spools. This will facilitate the ease of switching from a floating to sinking line or other type of fly line that is more suited for your style of fly fishing. Some reels can be reversible, right or left hand retrieve.

The evolution of fly fishing reels has introduced specialty fly fishing reels for anglers with a more conservative budget. These reels can be decorated, sealed and tailor made for special fishing conditions and styles. Fly Fishing Reels that are custom made to order by fly reel craftsmen may not help you land bigger fish, but they will offer the angler a smooth precision cast.

Some fly fishing reels are automatic, using a coiled spring mechanism that will retrieve the line in the reel with the flick of a lever. This fly fishing reel may be a good choice if an angler fishes mainly from a boat. The action of the automatic fly fishing reel may help avoid tangled lines.

Make your fly fishing reel choice with confidence and keep the adventure for the fishing expedition.

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