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What are Fly Fishing Reels

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Fly fishing reels

are solutions that were created by frustrated anglers. They wanted to have more fly line available to cast out to the fishing pools. This quest began over 200 years ago. Anglers would spare no time or money to develop fly reels that are now collected items.

Geared fly fishing reels were being manufactured which also included a full frame and bearings. Craftsmen began designing fly fishing reels with a spool for more line capacity with drag systems. These were single action fly fishing reels.

Fly Fishing Reels with a large arbor and a faster line retrieve were designed by British and American designers. Names like Abel, Alcock, Charles Snyder, Orvis, Hardy, are synonymous with fly fishnig reel designs. The Vom Hofe fly fishing reels were produced in the early 1900. These vintage reels are very valuable for collectors and anglers alike.

The early single action fly fishing reels had a fixed spindle shaft. They were made of brass with a click mechanism. They started replacing the geared reels which worked better for fly fishing.

The industrial craze for fly fishing reels started in England in the early 19 th century. Americans began designing and manufacturing the new single action fly fishing reels in the late 19 th century. They developed high quality drag systems and large arbor reels. When factories started mass producing fly fishing reels, the result lead to cheaper products made available to more anglers.

Several Fly Fishing Reels are made by fishermen for fishermen. Many brands are in fact made and or assembled in the USA. The best fly fishing reel craftsmen based their designs on simplicity and functionality. The idea was simple. Reels that have the least moving parts are the most remarkable instruments. This selection of fly fishing reel became prized possessions of every fisherman who owned one. A precision made quality fly fishing reel will deliver a lifetime of practically maintenance free angling adventures.

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